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  • How do I get a bag?
    Volunteers deliver bags of food to all the public schools in Pulaski County on an ongoing basis. The bags are available for children who are in need of food during the weekends and/ or holidays. Food bags are also delivered to the public libraries and Headstarts in Pulaski County. If your child is in need of receiving a food bag contact your child’s school’s FRYSC.
  • Where do I go to help pack food bags?
    Volunteers pack bags at five different churches in Pulaski County. Packing takes place at High Street Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Victory Christian Fellowship and East Somerset Baptist Church.
  • How can I help?
    1. Pack bags High Street Baptist Church (every second Tuesday of the month 6pm) First Baptist Church (every Tuesday 6pm) Oak Hill Baptist Church (every Tuesday 6pm) Victory Christian Fellowship (every Wednesday youth packs bags) East Somerset Baptist Church (every Tuesday 6pm) 2. Financial contributions Food donations are accepted, however with the discounts that Project 58:10 receives through Kroger, monetary donations go further. 3. Prayer Your prayers for this ministry are greatly appreciated. Without God, His blessings and His people this ministry would not exist.
  • What items are inside the food bags?
    Beef Ravioli Chicken with stars soup Vienna Sausages Beanee Weenee Fruitable juice box Gummy fruit snacks (2) packs of cheese crackers 1 cup of apple sauce 1 cup of mandarin oranges 1 pack of ramen noodles Honey bun Raisins Oatmeal Macaroni N Cheese Pop tarts (2) granola bars
  • How much does each food bag cost?
    Project 58:10 has been able to get the cost of the food bags down to approximately $5 per bag with the help of Kroger.
  • How is my donation used by Project 58:10?
    Every person working for Project 58:10 volunteers their time. That allows us to take your donation and use 100% of it to buy food and bags.
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