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I am a volunteer board member representing Oak Hill Baptist Church. I have been working with Project 58:10 since July 2014. This ministry has not only been a blessing to me, but also my entire family. I am thankful for an opportunity to serve right here in our town, and for my kids to learn to serve others at such young ages, as well. Unfortunately, the number of hungry children continues to grow each year, but we are dedicated and determined to do as much as we can to provide meals for them each weekend.


I am a member at Victory Christian Fellowship Church. I have been volunteering with Project 58:10 since 2012. In 2015 I became a volunteer board member. I believe that it's the heart beat of God to feed children who have no food to eat. For so many years I have dreamed of being a part of this kind of ministry. God has answered my prayer. Thank you Jesus!


I've been honored and blessed to be part of this ministry since 2011. My wife and I, along with a small group of couples that were participating in a bible study, joined Libby and Rachel in 2011 to form Pulaski County's first backpack program. After being influenced by a sermon that challenged us to serve locally, Project 58:10 has grown from 5 bags to close to 800 bags a week.


I helped start Project 58:10 in early 2011 after God called me to serve the less fortunate in our community. Since that time, Project 58:10 has grown into a huge ministry that impacts the lives of hundreds of less fortunate children in our schools. This ministry has given the opportunity for our churches and community to work shoulder to shoulder to serve God by meeting the needs of others. I am honored to be a part of this organization.


As a homeroom mother in my daughter’s classroom, I met a food-insecure child. I watched her as she saved her class treats lunch to take home. I asked her why, and she said that there wasn’t much food at home. Her parents were in jail, and some weekends there wasn’t anything to eat. Her teacher became her angel; she washed her clothes, combed her hair, and even brought her food that she could keep in her backpack. Before this child I was unaware that this need existed through our country. I heard about a backpack feeding program through friends at High Street Baptist Church, and knew that I needed to be a part of the mission. I am so grateful to be a part of Project 58:10’s ministry.


I have volunteered with Project 58:10 since 2012.  I represent First baptist Church. I decided to take my 4 yr old daughter to pack food bags so that we could be involved in a community project together. I was so touched by the process that I began to pray about how we could be more involved. God led me to start packing at our church, and we have just continued to grow since. We now feed close to 800 kids a week. Its incredible what a difference a food bag can make in a Childs life. My favorite part is watching them light up when you deliver the bags to the school. The little brown bag not only fills their stomachs but shows them hope, love, and compassion.

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